Nick Davis leads an ordinary life until the sight of an intruder’s shadow in the mists of an early morning storm sets in motion a series of events that will reveal his family’s mysterious past―and change Nick’s life forever.

This seemingly random event makes Nick aware for the first time that he and his family are in grave danger. Nick learns that back in the 1940s, his father had unwittingly become entangled with an evil international organization as he investigated the death of his brother.

When his father is killed, Nick decides that he must disappear if he hopes to survive. He relocates and changes his name in an attempt to escape the bad luck that has been plaguing his family for decades.

But when it becomes clear that Nick has not eluded his mysterious enemies, he realizes that he must once again run for his life.

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Fresh out of Georgia college in the summer of 1961, Becky Taylor aims to prove to her mother she can survive in the world on her own. Determined to become a journalist and start a life away from her New Jersey family, especially her older sister Amelia, she lands a job as a junior reporter for the Farmstead Gazette.

Unfortunately, her happy news is shadowed by the death of someone she dearly loved. Despite her grief, Becky befriends the Mudhogs’ handsome first baseman, Joseph Tonti, and Becky’s heart is seemingly on the mend.

But it isn’t long until she’s caught in the middle of a series of murders targeting people she has interviewed for the Gazette, turning her little world upside down.

Can Becky survive the unfolding events of her new home long enough to reveal the truth? And can she ever truly find her way home?

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Poetry and short fiction from authors around the world. The subjects are varied, but the truths are universal. Not only will their words entertain you, they will encourage you to ponder.

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