When Nick Davis, a forty-something small town machinist, spots an intruder’s shadow through the mist of an early morning storm, he is oblivious that the seemingly random occurrence will lead him on a path that will change his life forever .

After Nick accidentally overhears a conversation between Lou Evans—his boss and the owner of Lou-Paul Machine Shop—and a mysterious person, he unwittingly becomes a pawn in a game of international proportions. When Lou gruffly asks him to take possession of prototype blueprints, Nick has no idea that the blueprints contain a dark secret—a secret with the potential to kill. Combined with unwanted attention from a local police officer as well as a skeletal, dangerous former FBI agent, Nick’s normal life is suddenly not that at all, and no one can guarantee his safety—not even the beautiful FBI agent who has been assigned to the case.

Lou may not be who he says he is, and, unfortunately for Nick, his downfall may be that he is the best machinist around and the only one Lou can count on to help him carry out a perilous mission.

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“It is 1946 as Roth Braun makes his way through a dense forest in Thailand to reach a camp. Once he arrives, he kills its Japanese occupants and rifles through their belongings until he finds what he wants: a mysterious package left to him by his father. As Roth heads back toward his boat, he knows that even in death, his father is still attempting to dictate his life.

In the midst of a harsh New Jersey winter, Nelson Davis has returned from war and buried both his parents—but not before promising his dying mother he would take care of his older brother, Christopher. Determined to fulfill her final wish, he invites Christopher to partner with him in opening a chocolate store. Instead, Christopher heads to Georgia, where he contacts Savannah Times reporter, Rose Blake, and asks her to print a mysterious list of names somehow connected to Roth Braun, setting off a chain of events that leads Braun’s fiancée and a PI on a wild goose chase and Nelson on a dangerous quest to investigate Christopher’s puzzling death.

In this exciting prequel to Lonely Deceptions, the last surviving member of a family teams up with a beautiful newspaper reporter to weave through a maze of perplexing clues that lead him down an unexpected path to the truth.”

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Nick Davis is a survivor. First, there’s his family history that’s practically cursed, all thanks to a mysterious man named Roth Braun and the death of Nick’s uncle. Then, there’s his personal life, as Nick was recently pulled into an international ring of dark secrets that almost took his life. He sees disappearance as his only option at a clean slate.

Nick changes his name and location in an attempt to escape the bad luck that’s been following his family for decades. However, his attempt proves futile, as even in his new locale, everyone is out to get him. He makes the acquaintance of Jane—a troubled woman he can’t resist helping—and their relationship soon turns romantic, despite secrets they both hold tight.

Yet, the ghost of Roth Braun still lingers, as do other past indiscretions. The new life Nick hoped to build is wrought with terror and death. He can’t identify friend from foe, so he’s on the run for his life—but he won’t leave without Jane, who has some serious troubles of her own. Will Nick ever escape the horrible secrets of his past, or will he become their prisoner until he, too, becomes another ill-fated memory.

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Fresh out of Georgia college in the summer of 1961, Becky Taylor aims to prove to her mother she can survive in the world on her own. Determined to become a journalist and start a life away from her New Jersey family, especially her older sister Amelia, she lands a job as a junior reporter for the Farmstead Gazette.

Unfortunately, her happy news is shadowed by the death of someone she dearly loved.

Despite her grief, Becky befriends the Mudhogs’ handsome first baseman, Joseph Tonti, and Becky’s heart is seemingly on the mend. But it isn’t long until she’s caught in the middle of a series of murders targeting people she has interviewed for the Gazette, turning her little world upside down.

Can Becky survive the unfolding events of her new home long enough to reveal the truth?

And can she ever truly find her way home?


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