David was born in Jersey City, New Jersey.

He joined the Jersey City based accapella group, Patty and the Street-tones, as the bass singer. Together they recorded an album and a handful of 45’s, as they appeared live in many places in Northern New Jersey. He left the group and with the help of his mother opened up a small chocolate shop in Lyndhurst, New Jersey.

In the late-1980’s his mother lost most of her sight due to diabetes; although, this did not deter her from helping out in the chocolate store. David began writing and then reading science fiction short stories for his mother to enjoy. And this is when the love for writing within David was born.

Many years later, in 2005, David felt the irresistible urge to write a novel. Since at the time he was a machinist living in New Jersey, He decided to make the main character of his first mystery/suspense book an average guy working in a machine shop in New jersey.

David now resides in Georgia.

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