The world of iUniverse, for better or worse

Part 1.


In this blog, I won’t be presenting an argument of whether self-publishing or traditional publishing is the way to go; although, more and more authors are finding success publishing their books both ways. I’m here to say that I had chosen to go down the path of self-publishing for a story about a forty something year old machinist who becomes unwillingly involved in espionage.  So I became a forty something year old who willingly got involved in the crazy world of publishing.


About eight years ago, as a novice (okay, yes, I’m still a novice) in the ways of writing, I had little to no idea as to where I should go to turn in my manuscript and watch it developed into an actual, real, honest to goodness book. So I went on the internet and asked what the top 10 self-publishing companies were, iUniverse had come in third at the time. As of today they are not mentioned at all in most of the top ten. In one list they ended up 7th.



Top three now. Lulu; CreateSpace; Kindle Direct publishing. Still, about 5,000 authors annually use iUniverse.


I used iUniverse between 2010 and 2015, publishing 3 books total with them.  As I said I was a novice at writing and in 2010 there seemed to be a lot of people helping me every step of the way at iUniverse.  I was assigned a different person for each department, editing, production, graphic design, and one extra person overseeing everything. I have to admit back in 2010, iUniverse was making me feel darn important. And they were making my upcoming book feel like the next great American novel. I remember how happy I was on January 10th 2011 when Lonely Deceptions become “live”.  Back then I didn’t even care that iUniverse determined the book price through a fixed cost process.



I believe they did a good job on the cover and with basic editing. Of course, if you wanted to pour more money into your book, you could go one or two steps further with your editing, to the point that they can tell you how to revise your manuscript. I believe they call it hand holding you through the process.  I had stayed with basic.


After my first book came out, I got the occasional call or email asking if I wanted to spend a little more and try my hand with their many other services, like their PR department, for example. I would politely say no. And that would be that.


Then came my second book… to be continued.

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