How I began

You’ll be a writer one day, son.


Real life certainly has its share of twists and turns. Probably more so than even my mystery/suspense stories I write. For example a very long time ago I went to college to become a Certified Public Accountant because growing up a relative of mine was a CPA and he always would tell me how great it was to be one. You know where this is going—I did not become a CPA. Nope, I decided to make chocolate. Most people at this point would say, Sweet!


Now those first few years of chocolatiering was a lot of fun.  Running a small shop where everyone who walked in immediately smiled after smelling the aroma of chocolate was very satisfying to say the least. I did not run the shop completely alone though.  I would have seasonal help and my mom would help out at the store as much as she could. To be clear, at this time of my life writing wasn’t even an inkling of a thought in my head. If you had said that somewhere in the future I would have four books published I would have laughed and said, ‘yeah, right! I think you got the wrong David Willis’.


So what changed in my life to cause this writerly turn around? Well, not my life, but my mom’s.  It began with the shattering of a drinking glass on the hardwood floor.


My mom had starting crying after she knocked my glass over from a TV table in front of me.  I had never seen her burst out into tears like that before. She told me that lately she had been having a problem seeing, that she was scared and trying to hide it. I immediately took her to a First Care which was just a few blocks away. In a very short time we had learned how high her sugar levels were and that it was probably diabetes causing her eyes to fail.  Within a few days an ophthalmologist was able to stabilize the damage using laser treatments. But after all was said and done, my mom, who most of her life had loved to read was not able to do so on her own anymore.


I began to read to her a few times a week. One day out of the blue, she talked about how much she loved Star Trek and wouldn’t it be nice if I could write a Star Trek story or two and then read it to her.  I think my knee-jerk reaction must have been…what?  But, I’ve been known to jump into things head first, so I started writing the short stories for her even though I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. Still, one short story after another I wrote. One after one I read to her. A funny thing happened along the way…


To be continued

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